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Whether your project is a chair, table, bookcase, kitchen or a fireplace we will make sure to fabricate it to meet or exceed your expectations. Every piece of furniture that is custom built is unique in its own way and is made to fit perfectly.
Restoring a piece of furniture means
appreciating the art and the history. New furniture is nice, however restored antique furnitures bring to you a piece of history and along with modern pieces they improve the look of your home and office.
Reproduction of antique furnitures when they can not be restored is a way to bring the traditional art into modern times. A reproduced piece of furniture not only looks good but it keeps a period of history among us making sure that it will never be lost.

If you are looking for a perfect piece of furniture then you don't have to settle for anything less. We make sure that your idea is implemented exactly as you picture it. Feel free to visit our galleries that showcase different projects that we have successfully commenced throughout the years. By taking a tour of our website you will be more familiar with all the details that we incorporate in our craftsmanship.

If you have an idea about a piece of furniture in any style or shape, please provide us with a sketch, a photo, a shop drawing or a magazine cut-out and we will make sure to fabricate it to your expectations. We will be there with you throughout the wood selection process, stain, paint, hardware and any other accessory in order to help you achieve your design.

Our work is our pride and we understand that details matter. We can design and fabricate any functional piece or accessory that you require. We take the word ‚Äúcustom‚ÄĚ to its maximum extent.